Psilocybin edibles

Our shroom edibles all contain the same blissful blend of recreational ingredients, so you’ll experience the same effects, whether you’re chomping on a chocolate bar or nom-nomming a gummy.

Whichever product you choose, we recommend taking one to three pieces if you’re just beginning your mushie adventure. If you already have some experience with our shrooms, four to seven pieces is a good next level. Beyond that, just make sure you have a comfy place to ride it out, preferably with a space-friendly music mix.

Just remember to avoid the classic rookie edibles mistake, and don’t go back for seconds until you’ve fully felt the effects of your first serving.

Underground psilocybin edibles can be found for sale on social media and other corners of the internet, especially in Colorado, where psychedelic reform has emboldened illegal market activity.

But in Colorado, making psilocybin edibles at home is now legal for adults ages 21 and older, as long as the products aren’t for sale or given to minors. A handful of licensed cannabis testing labs have already begun testing psilocybin mushrooms and infused products, providing some valuable information for home cooks in the process.

Chocolate bars and gummies are the most popular kind of edibles that we’ve been seeing out there, as well as tinctures and tea — but depending on the process and temperatures used, and whether or not there are preservatives, that potency can rapidly degrade,” Noah Novello explained.

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